About Annemarie

About Annemarie Tolman

I am Annemarie! Success Coach, Energy practitioner, Mom…and so much more!

Here is my story: At one point in my life I had “normal” career aspirations, and most of the time would ignore them. I wanted to be a doctor, but decided that would be too far away from home and probably too hard – so I gave up on that. I decided to become a nurse and live a pretty small life at home – until my then boyfriend decided to go to the USA and I finally took a bold decision in my life. I was going to go with him.

snowboardingYears followed of an adventurous life traveling all over the USA. I was able to step up in my nursing career and accepted at position at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Under the guidance of a great mentor, I also applied and received my Master’s degree there. I worked part-time and did research on acupressure with fellow nurses. In my personal life I got married, homeschooled my kids and became part of the Mormon Church. It was a pretty good life.

There was only one problem – under the layer of happiness there was a restlessness and unhappiness that was eating into a very deep wound. From around four years of age I decided life was always going to be hard, but as long as I pleased everyone at least it was ok. That band-aid was applied everywhere and life continued. For a very long time I was able to keep that band-aid in place and move on.

daniel tonyEven the birth and death of my son Daniel did loosen the band aid, but not remove it. Until it came to a time where I saw my oldest son struggling. I somehow knew that if I did not change soon something in his life, he would be in for a future that would most certainly be a struggle. What I did not know was that the first change had to come from within me. I had to change first.

At that point a fabulous mentor came into my life. She introduced me to energy work at a time when the band-aid truly could not be held in place anymore. I realized that all my kids were struggling, my marriage was all but happy, and that I could no longer ignore the wounds that I had buried so deep I could not even remember them.

Within a very short time after being introduced to energy work, I was in Alabama learning the same technique my mentor so skillfully had applied on me. I took a deep breath, jumped into a healing business and started healing myself. Within a week I had my first clients. Within a month I had tripled my income. I had no idea about making money, marketing, online presence, etc. I just had a burning desire to learn more, give more and I had the immense fortune of dedicated mentors who guided me, and told me right from the start that what I did mattered and that I could make lots of money with it.

childrenI remember vividly the day I finally embraced who I was. As I released the stories and pain of the past, something beautiful came up. I remembered a very happy, extremely enthusiastic two year old. I could sense her and her joy, and I wanted to be like that again – only in my current life with all the experiences I do have. And then that piece about energy work! NOOO……..what will people think. I don’t want to be a energy healer. I don’t want to be known as the weird person in the room. All my life I was the respectable, quiet, consistent person that everyone could count on. What will my kids think? The mom who is a….what? Until one day while sitting in a seminar, I had the most gorgeous vision of all my kids standing around me and saying…We love you, We love what you do…and don’t you dare let go of it. This is your time.

I decided and slowly embraced that energy work is not weird. That my ability to quickly see the beliefs, emotions and templates that do not serve my clients anymore was indeed a gift. That my almost natural ability to take those beliefs and emotions and almost effortlessly help them change their lives through simple tools and an energetic container was actually an even more tremendous gift. That gift did not only help women and men in their personal lives, but even more in their money and business lives. Releasing old beliefs and emotions, updating your mindset and vision, finding who are you, and coupling that with some easy business strategies can actually result in a change in your money and business.

So I was again fortunate to find excellent business coaches, who knew the industry as well as the important of personal mentorship. I coached long term with them as I continued to build my business. I also realized one more thing: I LOVE TIME I love to spend time with myself, with friends, in church and above all with my kids. I love time. and I am fairly obsessed with safe guarding it. I also realized even more that I wanted money. If I was to live a life full of caring and contribution, I needed to change my money struggle. I wanted to make money….and lots of it. And I wanted a clear purpose.

I had so many different ideas about where I wanted my business to go, who I wanted to help….and I constantly sabotaged myself by changing my identity constantly, despite really good mentors telling me to choose. What helped me through it all was the sudden but real realization that the minute I would figure out my money story, I would know what I really wanted to do. I spent two weeks reading, pondering, working on my money and abundance story. By the end I knew money was there for me, that I was worthy and deserving of it, and that it was there the minute I took the actions to receive it into my world.

That became my message to the world. That you can change ANYTHING if you live who you ARE! Not what someone else wants you to be, and not what someone else thinks you should be!

So I decided to help women with a heart of healing make money with that business so they can have the income, impact and TIME they truly desire. By reclaiming myself, I now help women reclaim themselves. We change beliefs, emotions, paradigms, and the way we are doing business in the coaching, healing, and health care industry. We are empowering people from all walks of life to live their purpose.

The miracle is that all I was so afraid of has not come true. I am not alone. My kids are doing AWESOME. My oldest is serving a mission in the Netherlands, my oldest daughter is heading to a great college soon, and my 15 and 10 year old are doing superbly well. They are creative, happy and caring individuals, and I have lots of time with them while they are growing up. I also have wonderful sisters around me who love exploring themselves and their lives. They too are taking the bridge to an abundant life. I am incredibly capable.

I LOVE what I am doing. I love growing an awesome business I truly believe in. I love seeing other women thrive in their stories. We dig, we plant, we grow our unique gardens. I know you are an amazing, creative being. I know you can design the business you love – YOUR WAY! And I know you can create the life you want while living your truth! I know that living that truth and doing your business your way will result in true abundance – for you and those around you. I also know it is not always easy and can make you look kind of weird (like an energy coach helping women do business stuff).


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