Change your Energy – Change the Game

bigstock-Morning-lotus-flower-in-the-fa-47773111 Many clients ask me why it is we frequently dive into the history of their lives for the first few sessions of our coaching together. Why is it relevant? Have I not already dealt with all that stuff of the past? The answer is yes, and no. The fact is that if you had already dealt with it, you probably would not have landed on my doorstep. As you step into – or desire to step into –  a better way of living and doing business, you also need to think and feel differently about yourself. You need to figuratively make space for the new energy of being.

You have decided to step up and out of a mediocre life. Most of us settle for a mediocre life because of fear. We allow ourselves to step into a little freedom and love, while not completely giving our gifts. We enjoy the freedom of having a car, a home, an ok relationship, but never seek beyond that. When you stepped into this coaching process towards a life and business you love, you stepped into the opportunity to change all of that. To bring your gifts into the world because they are yours to give, and to enjoy the energy of abundance and money that comes in return.

My invitation to you is to stop poking the world, enjoying just a few bucks and a few people to influence and instead become a man or woman who loves to live a full life. I invite you to LEAN IN. Get real about your edge and go just beyond it. You don’t have to jump off the cliff. Just lean in. As you do so, fears will come up. Those fears may invite you to stop saying this is not for me or this is too hard. Or you may fight your fears and push, push and push harder. Just keep on moving as fast and hard as you can. Pushing so hard you can not hear your own sense of lack. Unfortunately it leads to an enormous amount of burn-out and stress. You fight and work and try, but the results are meager to say the least OR your life becomes one big stress ball.

My biggest hope for you is that you will try the third option of  WALKING with yourself and your fears. Your fear tells you something about you. It is where you meets your deepest desires. It is the place where very deep thoughts, beliefs and emotions come into being. It shows you where you are at your true edge. Allowing the fear to surface, staying with it and embracing it, and listening to that fear is vital if you want to move beyond the fear into your possibilities.

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