Dare to Prosper: The Ultimate DoTerra Lifestyle Business

Does TIME matter to you?

Are you ready to truly have time for what you LOVE most?

Are you ready to prosper in your life?

Earn $1500+/ month!

Create the life you love- on your terms!

Have the physical health and emotional strength you need!

All in one big swoop?



Welcome to Dare to Prosper !

So YOU are a woman (or a man) who:

  • Adores or is starting to adore DoTerra Essential Oils!
  • Feels she is stuck in a mediocre job  or lifestyle – one that is not truly her passion!
  • Knows she needs to uplevel her mindset AND her energy to create the life she truly loves in an easy flowing way?
  • KNOWS she can have it al, and so can her family: An exciting lifestyle, full of meaning and yes, the money to live it!
  • Wants this not only for herself but also for her closest friends and business partners!


This is a 6 month Program – our business partners in training program- for women who are ready to gain momentum and create the abundant business and lifestyle they LOVE! (We also welcome men).

You will learn:

  1. Our super effective strategies and energetic short-cuts to get 3 business partners and help them get their 3 business partners!
  2. Stop second guessing yourself and claim you strength – every single day – making it super easy to make quick inspired decisions and actions!
  3. Go and do it! Every day structure your business in an easy flowing successful way that matches your desired life style. Including how to do events your way – that truly attract the people YOU want.
  4. Use support networks and partnerships all the time.


From the moment I decided to go for Diamond in DoTerra I knew I wanted to focus on these things: My love for the oils and energy, a sustainable lifestyle business that included taking care of my family and my passion of travel, and a partnership with people who also wanted this compassionate, easy flowing Lifestyle Business!


So I designed a system around what I am currently doing! This is the result!

So How do we do it?

Well, we cycle through the following process:

  1. Dare to Desire – Claim your Power and Path! Change your mindset. There is abundance and there is support! Uplevel your Energy: Forgive the Past. Release the subconscious blocks and emotions that do not serve you anymore and give yourself permission to receive more. Heal generational links and upgrade all your energy – including your physical energy!
  2. Dare to Prosper – Love the Wealthy You! Love wealth at all levels. Love the lessons you have gone through. Claim the income you want, and design the systems to accomplish your desires.
  3. Dare to Inspire others – learn the systems to help others to take action! This module teaches how to inspire others to take this journey with you! How to invite and do simple events and how to follow up.

nature. pathway in the forest with sunlight

The Program- what is included?

  1. 6am NOW IS THE TIME  Coaching calls Monday – Thursday to start your day right! Recordings available if you can not make the live call, although I do highly recommend them live!
  2. Monthly Private 30 min Fire Session Call with Annemarie. Move through your blocks & create rapidly with my success coaching.
  3. Optional Weekly Aromatouch or Queen’s Touch to release stress and open up to your passion!
  4. Weekly Mentor call with your leader.
  5. Monthly leadership breakfast with partners.
  6. Awesome Facebook group and energy recordings to support you.


Don’t do it alone! come and join us!  make the changes you truly want.


The investment:

Put in the time and money to get to your $50 Bonus in DoTerra. To become a Project Touch Business partner,  you need to have your $50 bonus in place consistently and work towards your $250 bonus. This training program will help you get there and become a Project Touch Business Partner. That is IT!

As a business partner you will continue to have access to all the above mentioned perks as well as continue your development and become a Project Touch Leader.

Last of all – HERE is a fun PRIZE: Everyone who gets their 1500 bonus, gets FREE accommodations from me during the DoTerra convention in September.

LET us know you are in by texting Annemarie 410-212-2392 with the title DARE TO PROSPER!

My mission is to help you design and lead a brilliant, beautiful and unforgettable DoTerra practice that also supports your life. Let’s start that right here, right now.



karen abegglenFrom Karen Abegglen: It is quite amazing. I’ve always struggled with the concept of “energy”. 
Literally this pregnancy I have pretty much stopped up the flow of energy with the false belief that I would let things fall off my plate. I’ve had 0 personal enrollments in months, barely sold any oils to friends/neighbors that I had on hand, and wasn’t making any new contacts. 
Since starting these calls (and I’m more pregnant than ever!) I’ve sold $200+ worth of oils locally, held 2 events at my home, supported a local leader with her event, was invited to present Doterra at a vendor fair (and went), plus enrolled a friend! I’m also not afraid of future commitments this month and next! 
Things just seem to be flowing again!


jillianJillian McMullen: I love the accountability of getting up early and sharing with like-minded goal oriented people. And it has helped me with saying YES to my potential and getting lifted out of ruts quickly! 




alisonAllison Brock Cline: So, some pretty interesting and amazing things have been happening since the Friday call (where we talked a little bit about changing our energy of how we feel about ourselves, doterra etc.). I’ve made the choice to create that energy each morning when I wake up. During the early hours of my morning routine I get to create a positive vibe and energy and then greet the day! Each day I have been presented with two to three people who ask about the oils or ask what I have changed about myself (which gives me a chance to bring in essential oils. haha) It has been interesting to see how a positive vibe and outlook can bring in so much interest. The part I get to practice on now is the follow up with each one of these amazing people that I’ve spoken with and I am excited to make those connections! I can definitely say that these calls have been helping me so much with opening up myself to possibilities. Being able to discuss everything (my concerns, blocks, success) and working through each has been an incredible journey for me. 

I’m excited to see what happens next! (like what I come up with while working on my system plans. haha!)

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