deanna jn2015 was a year of personal growth and emotional healing for me. The absolute best decision I made this year was to invest in a personal coach to help me in these areas. The work I accomplished on my inside is shining through and I will NEVER let anyone or anything stop me from shining ever again. Thank you Annemarie Tolman for helping me find the Light and climb out of a dark place.

When I was able to open my heart again, I had room for the most amazing people and they found their way into my life. I am thankful for new friends and business partners that I enjoy working with and doing our part to change the world together.

– Deanna Johns Nichols



NatalieAnnemarie has a gift for helping you look deep inside yourself to not only challenge yourself, but to love yourself and trust yourself. Thus creating a decisive ability for action while also recognizing your chapters of receiving. A beautiful balancing of life as it flows to you.

It has been a joy working with Annemarie. There have been many changes within me but I have truly enjoyed the confidence I have developed in myself. I have noticed a greater sense of peace while balancing the many rolls I play in my life. Greater trust in my inner voice and a willingness and ability to ACT faster than I ever have before.

While in my adult life I have gathered much information through my life’s experiences, the mentoring process has brought all the bits and pieces I have learned in my past and have organize them in my mind, leading me to greater knowledge and deeper understanding of some of life’s most important principles. Principles I believe anyone who has a desire for success needs to understand.

– Natalie Hill, New Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate in DoTerra International


gemie kohlerBefore I began working with Annemarie, my greatest challenge was “putting the rubber on the road” and taking the action steps needed to move toward my personal and professional goals.

Since working with Annemarie, I have learned how to shift my perspective about perceived ‘negative’ circumstances and now look at problems as opportunities. I have been able to overcome several self-limiting beliefs and personal constraints by this simple shift in perspective.

I have been able to create some healthy boundaries with my time and energy and have actually reduced my hours in office while generating more revenue. The extra personal time has provided me the ability to rest, recover and play. I am feeling more creative and have been able to step back and create some programs that help me remain balanced.

Annemarie’s professional services as a business and life coach provided me an opportunity to explore personal limiting beliefs and break through them into new levels of confidence and self-awareness. She created a safe space for me to be both vulnerable and honest with myself and others in my inner circle. Her intuitive sensitivity and personal interest in my success has been a great blessing to me!

– Dr. Gemie Kohler N.M.D., Director Innate Wellness & Medical Center


karen abegglenEven though I began the calls to propel my business forward, which it has, I’ve also recognized how much my personal life has improved especially my interactions with my family and loved ones! Annemarie has been so patient with me, but also knows when to push me forward in my thinking.

Looking back, I think I always knew I would mentor with Annemarie. But I resisted so long because I was afraid of change and I was afraid to make a commitment towards anything unknown. I haven’t regretted taking the plunge. In fact, it hasn’t even been much of a plunge. Its been so freeing. I haven’t felt this whole in a long time. It seems that most of our calls include some sort of breakthrough for me, but it doesn’t end with the call. I continue to learn about myself, sort things out, and move forward in life after we’ve hung up the phone.

– Karen Abegglen – Gold Wellness Advocate DoTerra International


Joe Van DeurenI would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Annemarie Tolman. As the president of Balanced Life Skills I have known Annemarie for approximately 8 years and feel that she is very professional both in her work with me personally and my business.

Annemarie was first a parent in our school, but in the last 2 months has become a personal coach. Demonstrating an incredible initiative and strong dedication, she has helped me create the business that I have been dreaming about for the past ten years. After only one month, there was a whole new energy in our studio. The students and parents of students have seen and felt the changes taking place.

Annemarie has helped me personally put into practice a belief in myself, moving me to make decisions and act on them with greater faith in myself. Her efforts have created a happier and more productive team here at our studio. I believe Annemarie exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to personal and business coaches. I highly recommend Annemarie Tolman as a SimplyHealed practitioner.

– Joe Van Deuren, President Balanced Life Skills


George Simonds

There are few instances in life, I believe, that redefine the person in truly profound ways. At the end of my journey in this world I will look back and recognize my time with Annemarie as one of those instances. She has made all the difference since our first session, with improving my personal and emotional health, marriage, and professional goals . How do you express appreciation for such a gift, except by recognizing what an eternal debt of gratitude I bear for all that she has done?

Annemarie is welcoming, remarkably insightful, and exudes such peace and clarity that in just weeks she helped me shed so many weighing burdens that had accrued over decades. Her gifts are extraordinary, with a shown talent to build an individual into the mold God intended. And I appreciate the added measures she provides, such as the occasional text messages of encouragement, ongoing post-session energy work, and recorded visualizations that create such lasting and clear impressions. As I said, she has made all the difference.

– George Simonds, Director, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection Programs


Ariel TreadwayI have had the absolute pleasure of receiving multiple energy balancing and coaching services from Annemarie Tolman. During each of the sessions I’ve had with her, I immediately start to feel relief from the symptoms of my chronic stress; the aches in my shoulders seem to melt away and my insomnia will disappear; I’m still astonished every time! I’ll often repeat the visualization process what she once led me through; it takes me to a place that is filled with serenity and feels like home, and as I journey in the visualization, I gain a sense of purpose, direction, and support. Whenever I have trouble going to sleep, I go back to that “place” and “journey,” and the anxiety drifts away, as I drift to sleep.

With her guidance and supplemental recordings, I am able to use the tools from our sessions to help recenter, focus, and tap into that positive energy that is all around us, even when I don’t see her. She’s really helped me find focus, and confidence in myself. In fact, I’ve been so pleased with Annemarie’s approach to energy healing and my sessions with her, that I’ve referred her to countless others. Every single friend/family member that I have sent to Annemarie has come back glowing and full of praise! I can hear and feel the lightness they have inside of them because of Annemarie’s efforts.

Annemarie remains completely professional throughout the sessions and nonjudgmental about people’s various beliefs, lifestyles, and actions. She makes it so easy to open up and feel completely assured that our discussions are kept in confidence. She’s wonderful; I wish I could see her more! As a certified Simply Healed practitioner, I know Annemarie will bring so many people to a higher state of awareness. She makes it possible for people to find their own peace and happiness through the calmness of her presence. Thank you,

– Ariel Treadway, Program Director Balanced Life Skills , Maryland


MichelleI had 2 sessions with Annemarie. I have seen a difference in my behaviour and I have more energy for life. I loved working with Annemarie, she is both compassionate and professional. Intuitively she steered the sessions to release all the stuck negative energy. I felt that Annemarie connected with me and she is genuinely concerned for me and family’s welfare.

– Michelle, United Kingdom


Gerda BommeljeRecently I had abdominal surgery. It wasn’t exactly easy and I had pain, but more problematic I had frequent severe nausea. The nausea continued even after I was home often preventing nutrional meals that were needed to restore health and strength. Annemarie gave me a session and no more then three hours later- no signs of nausea. Thank You, Annemarie

– Gerda Bommelje, RN Chesapeake Hospice


Lane EI am happy to provide a recommendation regarding your work with me as a client. I have not only been appreciative, but quite impressed with the caliber of consultation you have provided through our therapeutic sessions. You have been professional, sensitive, and extremely insightful as you have helped me work through blockages and issues that have affected my well-being and performance in the past.

I have particularly been impressed with your conscientious follow-up between sessions and the variety of ways you have provided that contact. Whether by email, recordings, or web links, I have benefitted by your thorough and consistent communications.

– Lane E, North Carolina

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