The Soul of Money

book-soul-of-moneyHave you ever felt that money is something everyone wishes for, but nobody ever dares to talk about. This ground breaking book by Lynn Twist continues to change the way I view money as money was never quite enough there for me. That seemed to be the story of my life as I also considered myself hardly ever worthwhile. However as I continue to grow my own confidence and self worth, this feeling of money lack continued to haunt me. Until I decided to take a deeper look.

In a world that associates money with self worth The Soul of Money encourages us to delve into our relationship with money and find where to draw the line from financial need and emotional need. Many times people are forced to make choices that involve deciding whether to stick to values and do what’s best for emotional needs; or to ignore the best emotional option by choosing money. By choosing to increase how everyone measures value; by choosing the social concept of worth over their own needs. This leads people to feel empty for a seemingly unknown reason, while in reality it’s due to the repeated choice to pick money over themselves, and in doing this going against many of their personal values. Which lead them to have a reputation that doesn’t match their true ideals.

Everyone tends to feel there is a scarcity, that there’s not enough; leading them to always want more. It is a myth. For many this myth gives them an excuse to condone the immense greed that lead them to take as much as they can as fast as they can, even if this means taking it from others. The soul of money helps to draw the line between enough and abundance. When people choose abundance they in turn are taking from others that don’t even have enough. By choosing to just have enough people can use what would make it an abundance to help others. Though in many situations the greatest gift given is skill and time, teaching others important skills to aid their life.

Twist suggests that once a comfortable net worth is achieved people should use what would normally increase their net worth to their instead invest in values; to focus on and grow these values for emotional benefit. An important benefit is helping others, instead of spending extra money on something mundane, instead spend it on a social dream. A goal; a goal to attempt to change social issues. If you want to change the world, find out how it works. Be creative, be curious, find the motivation to learn and act on dreams, where it wasn’t there before. Commit to a greater cause than yourself, be the example others strive to follow.

The challenge with making a commitment to this lifestyle is being able to step away from the normality. To change the standard of value in your life, while your environment is filled with those unable, and unwilling to make this change; or even unaware that it exists. Choosing this means self fulfillment, and real change. Participation in expressing your individuality, contributing to your vision of yourself, family, community, city, or world. By taking accountability of our now conscious choices about money and resources, to take a stand for what we believe in, then we truly start living the life we dreamed of.

And that my dear friends, is what truly living is all about.

Talk soon and enjoy a phenomenal weekend.

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