Three insights for moms who have trouble focusing!

In today’s society it is hard to focus sometimes. Distractions and noise are everywhere. Time is running out all the time. As moms we are busier then ever!  Feels like you? Then lets look at some ways to improve focus.

On a personal level, my ability to focus has increased dramatically as I have learned three simple ways to quiet my mind, focus on my goals, and learned to Speed Read!


1) Eliminate distractions. Find a time to be quiet every day, if only for a minute. Look inside yourself and see what is going on. Focus on your breath!

2) Ask yourself: What is my most important priority in life? Then write down that vision on your mirror with lip-stick and look at it every day.

3) Practice focused Speed Reading. A process, described by Jim Kwik, by which you run your left index finger under each line (Use your left finger as it develops neural pathways in the right hemisphere of your brain). Try that for a few minutes and see if your reading is becoming more focused.

Any of these small practices can literally change your life.

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