Three Ways to Help Improve Your Memory

Today I figured out something wonderful:

Memory can be vibrant and be revitalized!

Are you one of the persons who have a hard time remembering anything from the past? I had that problem for many years.

No, I don’t have Alzheimer’s–nor have I had a major trauma or memory loss!

I just always had a hard time remembering details from the past :

– What was the color of that car I just saw?

– What was the day like when my youngest child was born? Was the sun shining?

– How did I feel when I turned 21?


Relief came when I read the book Mindsight by Dr. Daniel Siegel.

In this book, he tells the story of a 94 year old gentleman. He describes this wonderful man by saying:

“I know people say they feel this or that…..but in my life, I basically feel nothing. I really don’t know what people are talking about. I’d like to know before I die.”

Dr. Siegel goes on describing strategies on how to stimulate the right side of the brain by visualizing and focusing on the left side of the body. These strategies changed this man’s life.

bigstock-Human-Dementia-Problems-43526488After I read that book, I tried some of those strategies by Dr. Siegel – as well as my own. Remarkable results have occurred and it feels like the world has more vibrancy today.


Here are some tips:

1) ┬áVisualize the left side of the body, then the right side – and both together. How does your body feel? Can you tense and release the muscles? How does it feel when you do so? Very simple visualizations stimulate your brain.

2) Look and feel today with both sides of your brain. What does the world look like? What do you see on your child’s face? What do you see around you? LOOK and really SEE.

3) Change one thing about your diet. Nutrition for your brain comes from your body. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less foods loaded with sugar.



Please comment about your results!

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