Three ways to live “the Charge”

The Charge

“To the caged or the comfortable, the Charged Life seems like an unattainable star in the sky, a fiery energy and light in its own orbit. Indeed, the Charged Life seems to fly above the fray, fueled by an entirely different energy and bound for an entirely different destination. Yet those living the Charge Life are quite grounded, and many will tell you that they themselves were once either caged or comfortable, or even both.”


Here is the good news:


and even easy, wonderful, exciting and profoundly life changing.

I am speaking from experience. Gratefully, I acknowledge that living the Charged Life, to even a remotely initial extend, is worth every penny. Today, I am mentored by several great individuals who each and every one are making a true difference in my life. Jarrad Hewett, Tera Maxwell, and many of my friends are effectively pushing me towards this Charged Life.

As one of my friends so adequately mentioned:

I am discovering who I am

and helping others in the process.

That has been an amazing gift to me.

Brendon Burchard mentions in his books ten drives that make you feel alive. I want to focus on the third drive: Congruence.

In the chapter on Congruence, he describes a process where he asks a client: “Is it possible that there is a more unique, bold, exciting, and expressive person in there?”

We always do live in congruence with what we believe in any given moment. Possibly, however, that view of who we are is simply too limited, too negative and too destructive. Let me mention a client who really believed he was not worth the changes he wanted. His view of himself was lazy, incapable, and not worth it. On the surface, his life was comfortable.  With much determination and intellect, he had been able to secure a very comfortable life style. Inside, however, the Real Him was screaming that this was not enough, and that he could be so much more. There was a REAL incongruency.

How YOU can change this in your own life:

Simply start by looking at what you do believe about yourself. When that powerful thought of inadequacy comes to mind, or you simply feel miserable, stop yourself and ask: “ is this really true? Am I really that incapable or unworthy?” Nearly all of us would say NO to these questions. Then ask yourself what would change if you believed the opposite: “I am capable of ……., I am worthy of…..”

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KNOW you are Capable and Worthy and Congruent with both of these thoughts.

DO something funny that makes you laugh and enjoy life.

FEEL alive by remembering a beautiful and wonderful event in your life.

AND THEN, from that space, create something great or fun today.

Have Fun…….



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