High Performance Healing

Fall in Love .. with you. Finally heal the past & prove it by creating the high performance life style you love!

dscn0378The ultimate mentoring system for  professionals and entrepreneurs who want to live a bold and brilliant lifestyle, but are stuck because of past emotional trauma and belief systems that simply seem to get in their way every single time.

These are men and women who ultimately dare to fully say – I AM HERE -I want to do it all, live my dreams fully and be extremely in-tune with myself and my family while doing so.

So what is stopping you?

Feeling never good enough?

Never time enough?

Never loving yourself enough?

Does this describe you?

Let me paint a more vivid picture, you are:

  • Stressed & overwhelmed. You are juggling more hats then you can imagine: business owner, mom, wife, husband, volunteer, etc. You know you need to take care of yourself, but you just does not have the time nor the resources. Beyond this you are afraid what will happen to your life if you truly step up.
  • Impact-driven. However. you also want to gain more leverage in your business or career and create an extraordinary impact in the world – You know you have a deeper calling…but always are somehow sabotaging your success.
  • Integrity-focused. And you love your family, but you also wonder deep down if they are getting what they need, and you sometimes feel an enormous guilt around how these high impact dreams will fit with your family focus.

Recognize this? When feelings of – not being good enough, not capable enough, or the concept of having to please each and every person around you – are holding you back, now is the time to level up and take the simple steps it takes to create the life and sustainable lifestyle business you desire. Walking in Integrity with your TRUE desires will do that. During the past few years I allowed myself to go ever deeper into my true desire – while also taking care of myself, my family and so many people around me. I have been guided and supported and loved and found ways to YES live my desires, have an impact and take care of my family.

Create the Practice You Love

I had to learn three things:

First – I am enough and I love myself deeply. I have enough energy, time, love, resources, support. I am enough in this world and I can leave the past limiting beliefs and energies behind me. I can claim my power back.

Second- There is enough abundance & this world is enough. There is enough support, wealth, money, abundance around me, and I can claim that. I also don’t have to please every person under the sun while doing that.

Third- There are simple conscious driven systems and methods I can put in place to make my life and business flow in an easy, effortless way.

When you truly know there is enough, you can release once and forever the idea that it is impossible to have the life and wealth you desire. At that moment you can start creating the sustainable success you desire, because you LOVE who you are and what you do. 

Is my life perfect? No, I still stumble, but it is so much more alive and my kids are doing awesome.

nature. pathway in the forest with sunlight

SO HOW DID I DO IT ? How did I up-level my energy consistently? 

You probably have attempted a thousand different ways and programs. I certainly have done that. All of it only made a small impact until I found that healing and creating from my heart truly made all the difference. That was after my first energy session with a friend named Tera Maxwell. After that I got an obsession to find out how energy really works. I studied with people like Carolyn Cooper, Jarrad Hewett, Reiki masters Dana Adamova & Herculano Cruz, to name a few. I started coaching and helping people and the results have been amazing.

At the point where it all changed,

I could fall in love …with me! and say yes to my desires without feeling guilty!

I could love my anger, my fear and frustrations wherever I went an that opened up a whole new world! I could also love my family and kids without projecting my fears and expectations on them!

I could design my own life – with the ideas and feelings I highly value!

Finally I learned the habits and emotional strength to live that high performing life style.


Ready to do the same?

High Performance Healing is a system through which we teach you how to release the past once and for all, and step into the bold and brilliant life and business you love. Once you master these concepts and energetic frequencies change and creating what you want truly becomes easy. Here are my 5 basic concepts:

  1. Generational impact does matter and is real – let’s transform it so it can serve you.
  2. You create your life and thus you can transform the past – easily – I have done it.
  3. They physical body does matter – deeply stored trauma can be released through joy and pleasure. It does not have to be all hard.
  4. Connections are fun and exciting and there to help you – not drag you down. So let’s make the most of them.
  5. change your energy = change everything. Making a plan from a new place – means you can make a plan that is totally you – and helps you create the lifestyle you love.

Let’s accept ourselves for who we are with our enormous capacity to give and receive and make a difference. Let’s not hold back anymore in old ideas and concepts, for you will not allow yourself to get a thriving and visible business or personal life.. Or it may come at a great resistance and cost.



Annemarie Tolman and Daughter 1920 x 1280THE HPH EXPERIENCE

Here you change the systems and habits in your life and business WHILE you are start to truly Fall in Love ..with you!



Annemarie Tolman3 1920 x 1280 Clients who have worked with me, have reported:

More high paying clients!

Complete shift in what they do and how they feel!

More TIME to do the things they value and love to do.

Increased revenue with LESS work.

Greater sense of purpose and passion.

Better family relationships.


So here are the details for the next 6 months:

  1. Pre-assessment questionnaire and evaluation.
  2. 4 Hour initial healing session via phone or in person where we intensely change your past patterns and design a HPH plan.
  3. 18 highly individualized 50 min coaching and healing follow up call to implement your plan and continue the healing cycle.
  4. Three days of High intensity coaching and healing at Grow your Business – with Fun- Retreats throughout the year.
  5. Accountability through a mentoring structure with peer partners during am Mastermind calls every day.


Give yourself the opportunity and build the momentum to realize your unforgettable life in which you create great income and extraordinary impact – easily. Please click below for payment!


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