Under Pressure


Have you heard that sometimes you just need to cliff dive when starting a new business? Or do you live under the impression that by spending a lot of money, your money abundance  will come naturally?

If you have, please think again.

Yes, it is true that certain risks need to be taken, but I do not recommend taking such a deep dive that you really not know where your money will come from for this month’s bills. 

Some of us may think we need some pressure to get started. In actuality we adhere to very old patterns of motivating ourselves: we push, push, and push. Remember doing this in college as we studied until the early morning hours for an upcoming exam. It works for a while and to a certain degree, but in the end it is so exhausting. It drains nearly every cell of the body.

More often our brain or bodies shut down before we reach our goals. We get the unexpected cold, fatigue or simply feel like we are spinning and never getting anywhere. For the few of us who do make it under pressure, a lifestyle develops under which they are constantly pushing themselves and their team to ever more achievement.

 That is not the vision I would like you to develop for your business. There is an easier way. When you truly live according to your real desires and take some simple action steps towards that goal every day, the path will open up.

Yes, there are risks to be taken, hoops to jump and courage to be taken. Going out of your comfort zone is a must. Through it all learn how to use your intuition and your brain!

 My mentor, Brian Whetten, calls it the Yes, Yes, Hell no method.

Yes: your brain thinks your financial investment is a good idea,

Yes: your intuition says the same and

Hell No: your fears come up and say no.

This may come up when you are ready to make a huge financial investment. I invite you to look honestly at what is coming up for you and then decide. If you need some help, please contact me for a free session!

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